The Search for the True Church - English

Are you searching? Have you found it? God's true church is finally identified. Through biblical reasoning ...

Understanding Tongues - English

What should we expect from an outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Is it always associated with a manifestation ...

Why God Said Remember

A classic and inspiring look at the Sabbath - God's loving but urgent attempt to keep the truth of His ...


Spirits of the Dead

Most Christians believe that the soul is immortal by nature and that people go to heaven or hell the moment they die. But the Bible seems to say something radically different!

Christian and Alcohol Cover

Christian and Alcohol

Using thorough documentation and presenting the facts in his straightforward manner, Pastor Doug clarifies confusing verses and explains the types of wine in the Bible,



The popular doctrine of an ever-burning place of torment controlled by the devil has caused many to stray from God and distrust His loving character.


Death in the Kitchen

Millions of people are digging their own grave with a fork—are you one of them? You don’t have to be!


The Trinity

The doctrine of the triune God is under attack! Understand the history behind this dangerous movement and get to know the biblical support for the Godhead.

Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry Cover

Colourful Cosmetics and Jewelry

Should Christians wear makeup and jewelry? It’s not an easy question to answer in our day and age, but the Bible provides practical and powerful guidance......


Alone in the Crowd

Its not easy being a Christian in a culture that actively promotes abandoning the Bible.

SonsOfGod copy

Who are the Sons of God?

Did aliens or fallen angels marry human women and produce superhuman offspring?


Teach Us to Pray

Prayer is one of our most valuable spiritual assets, but few know what it really means to pray.


Anything But Secret

Millions of sincere Christians have been led to believe a lie about the return of Christ. Are you one of them?

12StepsToRevival_Cover copy

12 Steps to Revival

Are you feeling lukewarm about your faith and about going to church?

ChoosingLife copy

Choosing Life

So many people around the world take their own lives each year, and many more try unsuccessfully.

DeliveranceFromDebt copy

Deliverance from Debt

If you, or someone you know, is struggling under a large financial burden we trust you’ll find some instruction and encouragement in this great sharing pocket book!


Tips for Resisting Temptation

Get solid, biblical advice for overcoming the perils that threaten your relationship with God.

IsSunday_Cover copy

Is Sunday Really Sacred?

How can even we be sure of the right day?

Thieves_in_the_Church_Cover_EN copy

Thieves in the Church

Are you unwittingly robbing God? What is keeping you from exercising complete faith in God?


afterlife english

Seven Facts about AfterLife!

“Death is the destination we all share,........

ancient prophesies english

Ancient Prophecies that Reveal the Future!

"Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see him"

daniel rev english

When the Past Tells the Future!

God has revealed tomorrow's headlines so that you can be prepared for what will come.


Day Of the Lord

We Know that the Savior will return..........It's important to be right with God right now.


Your Future Foretold

We can know with certainty that we are in the end times and that Jesus is coming soon.


8 Amazing Steps to Optimize your Health

Bible steps for optimal health into daily practice.



The Bible clearly promises that an eternity in heaven awaits the saved.


What is the Mark of the Beast?

Did you know that the Bible tells of a cosmic battle in the last days of Earth's history....


The Best Day of your Life!

Every week you can find peace, relaxation and restoration for your body........


God's Divine Temple and You!

God's heavenly temple is not a tourist attraction; it is the active center of salvation for human race.


Why Me?

God will wipe away every tear from [our] eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.