Program Listings for Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor

Walking with the Lord

How do we walk with the Lord?

The Priority of Prayer

Why is Prayer so important?

Our Crucial need for the Holy Spirit

Why do we need the Holy Spirit?

Mountain Moving Faith

The Bible says faith can move mountains. What does that mean? How do we have that kind of faith?

Recieving and Sharing Forgiveness

How do we receive forgiveness? How do we forgive others?

Sincere Confession

Is there a right and a wrong way to confess?

Real Repentance

What is Real Repentance?

The Thief on the Cross

How are we saved from our sin?

Broken Chains

Why would a loving God make a devil and how can we be protected from evil?

Who is Jesus?

Many have heard the name of Jesus from time to time, but have no idea who Jesus is. It would be valuable and appropriate to talk a little bit about Jesus and know Him personally.

Ultimate Sacrifice

God Loves you so much that He sent His Son to save you. You might have heard this before, but are you sure you understand what this actually means?

Samson-3, Conquered by Compromise

Did you know Samson was saved in the 11th hour because he turned to God? Even though it looked like he had nothing left to offer God, Samson turned to Him, surrendered everything and was willing to die.

Samson-2, The Jawbone of a Donkey

GOD will provide the strength to give you victory through the simple means ,so do not underestimate what GOD can do for you.

Samson-1, Honey from a Lion

Is it okay to marry a person who does not believe in GOD?

The Wheat and the Weeds

Important lesson from the parable of Wheat and Tares.

IS Sunday Really Sacred?

Know the truth about which Day is Sabbath.

The Mystery of the Trinity

Is the Father only God? Is Jesus created being? Is the Holy Spirit a person? Get these answer and more with this fascinating look at what the bible really says about the Trinity..

Babylon’s Buffet

Is GOD concerned with our physical health?.


Repentence include sorrow for sin and turning away from it.

The Magnificent Kingdom

What will Heaven be like? God is preparing a glorious kingdom for us.

Surviving the Great Tribulation

learn how to sustain by word of GOD in time of difficultly?

Getting Used to the Dark

Are we getting used to walk in darkness or in light.

The Secret Cycles in Prophecy

Can the bible prophecy can be trusted? Did all Bible prophecy came to pass? To know more watch and be Blessed.

The King Returns, Part 1

The great climax of the world's history is going to be when Christ comes and He sets everything right. Part 1 of 2

7 Steps to Experience the Presence of God

If you fell that You are getting astray from your walk with the Lord Listen to this presentation as Pastor Doug Batchelor share some simple steps to come back to GOD.

Evolution, Creation, & Logic

There are good reasons in geology, biology, archaeology, and paleontology that all support Creation. Where did we come from? What are we doing here? Where are we going?

Can the Saved be Lost

Does the Bible teach us that if we are saved once we can not be lost ever, let us study what the word of GOD says

When A Christian Falls

Know what are the some of the reason we fall in our Christian walk, and how to avoid some of the mistake

Can You Prove That God Exists?

Nature revels the glory and mighty creative work of GOD that is the best evidence that shows that GOD exist, to know more watch and be blessed.

The Final War Over Worship

Knowing the prophecy of the bible is very essential for us to understand the bible more clearly ,study with pastor Doug Batchelor about the fall of the Roman Catholic church and Rise of United State of America from Revelation 13.

Adultery - Loyalty and Love

What GOD has made holy in marriage devil has corrupted. learn more from the bible about marriage ,Divorce and adultery.

The Good News About Hell Pt. 1

The most misunderstood subject is made simple for you from bible. Are you driven by fear regarding the subject of Hell, here is the good news for you if you are in fear by thinking of hell.

Changed by Beholding

Listen as pastor Doug explain how we can change by beholding christ in our life. Are you beholding christ in your life everyday.

Luther and the Reformation why it still Matters

Know the work of different reformers who laid down their own life for the sake of word of GOD and Truth.

The Battle Of Armageddom Part 2

what is the ultimate battle of satan against GOD people ? what bible says about judgement.? know also about the unclean FROG

The Battle Of Armageddom Part 1

know more truth of Battle between Good and Bad what is seal that bible talk in revelation 7 :3.

Honour within the Family

How to have peace and one oneness in family? Bible Guidance for happy family ,watch with family and be Blessed.

Coping Through Tough Times

Everyone is going to tough time in their life either physical ,mental or spiritual so how we can cope with that from word of GOD.

Is My Christianity Real, Pt.2

How can we know from the bible that if i have the real Christian life?what as a Christian we should do in order to reflect Christ in our life?. Part 2 of 2

Is My Christianity Real, Pt.1

Do we know that our Christianity is authentic? We get preoccupied with the actions and forget about our attitude. Part 1 of 2

Signs of the Coming King, Pt.1

The lord says He is coming quickly. What can we know about Jesus' return? Part 1 of 2

Signs of the Coming King, Pt.2

The lord says He is coming quickly. What can we know about Jesus' return? Part 2 of 2

The Hero of Revelation, pt.1

The book of Revelation is about Jesus. He is the central figure and hero. Part 1 of 2

The Hero of Revelation, Pt.2

The book of Revelation is about Jesus. He is the central figure and hero. Part 2 of 2

The Villain of Revelation, Pt.1

If God's in charge – if God is all-powerful – why did God make an angel that even could become a devil? Part 1 of 2

The Villain of Revelation, Pt.2

If God is all-powerful, why did He even make an angel that could become a devil? Part 2 of 2

Law of the Lamb, Pt.1

How do Christians relate to the Ten Commandments without being legalists? Is obedience legalism? Part 1 of 2

A Woman Rides a Beast,Pt.1

Who do the women and the beasts in Daniel and Revelation represent? Part 1 of 2

A Woman Rides a Beast, Pt.2

Who do the women and the beasts in Daniel and Revelation represent? Part 2 of 2