The Search for the True Church - Tamil

Are you searching? Have you found it? God's true church is finally identified. Through biblical reasoning ...

Understanding Tongues - Tamil

What should we expect from an outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Is it always associated with a manifestation ...

Why God Said Remember

A classic and inspiring look at the Sabbath - God's loving but urgent attempt to keep the truth of His ...

Christian and Alcohol Cover

Christian and Alcohol

Is all wine in the Bible alcoholic? Did Jesus really serve up more wine at the wedding? Get concrete facts about the devastating effects of alcohol



Learn God's purpose for hell and why it vindicates his character, Get irrefutable biblical insight into the true nature of hell-fire


Death in the Kitchen

What is the best manual we have for better today today?  Discover the most toxic foods being served to you today!


The Trinity

Discover the evidences for the Trinity- in both Testaments! See the nature of the Godhead and each member in a new light! Was Jesus fully God- or just a great man?

Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry Cover Tamil

Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry

Learn why what we wear can be a stumbling block to earnest seekers. Where do you draw the line between beauty and temptation? A non- judgmental approach to the question of makeup and jewelry.


Twelve Steps to Revival

Learn 12 ways in which the best bible role models ignited revival in the church! Your Faith will come alive- and you'll rediscover God's plan for your life!

AloneInCrowd_Cover copy

Alone in the Crowd

This little book will encourage you and teach you to stand tall for Christ! Practical advice on staying true to God in the midst of peer pressure Learn where to look to know if God approves or condemns a particular behavior.


Teach us to Pray

Look closely and biblically at each phrase contained in the Lord’s Prayer Learn what makes up a good and effective prayer What is the right spirit to have when in prayer? Understand what to avoid when praying


Who are the Sons of God?

Did aliens or fallen angels marry human women and produce superhuman offspring? What does the Bible really say about the mysterious "sons of God"?


Anything but secret!

Millions of sincere Christians have been led to believe a lie about the return of Christ. Are you one of them?


Deliverance from Debt

If you, or someone you know, is struggling under a large financial burden we trust you’ll find some instruction and encouragement in this great sharing pocket book!


Tips for Resisting Temptation

Get solid, biblical advice for overcoming the perils that threaten your relationship with God.


Choosing Life

So many people around the world take their own lives each year, and many more try unsuccessfully.